Whether our clients’ ideas result from that moment when “the light suddenly comes on”, or from years of research and development, Pedersen & Company understands the effort, investment, and technology behind the ideas. Our specially-licensed professionals’ engineering and industrial backgrounds provide perspective for the “real-world” technical and business issues that affect the paths that inventors and inventions may take.

Ken J. Pedersen
Patent Attorney

Ken J. Pedersen, managing attorney of Pedersen & Company, opened this law firm in February 1994. He was convinced of the value of having a specialized IP law practice located in Boise, Idaho.

Ken is a registered patent attorney, licensed before the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 1979, and in the courts of the State of Idaho and numerous federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Ken graduated with honors in 1973 from the Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago, with a B.S degree in Engineering Science. In 1982, after working as an engineer in industry and attending the DePaul University (Chicago) College of Law at night, Ken received his J.D.

Before starting his own firm in Boise, Ken had years of experience working in industry, business, and in law. Prior to graduation from IIT, Ken worked as a technical associate for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Pioneer Service and Engineering Co., and the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT). After graduating, Ken joined UOP, Inc. (now HONEYWELL UOP), a worldwide licensor of petroleum, petrochemical, and catalyst technology headquartered in suburban Chicago. As a development engineer, field start-up specialist, and associate in the corporate patent department of UOP, Ken developed technological and legal expertise in an environment where intellectual property was one of the company’s main “products”. After nearly 10 years with UOP, Ken joined Hyatt Legal Services, a large, general services law firm also in suburban Chicago. Hyatt offered Ken an opportunity to learn more about general law practice, litigation and business. With Hyatt, Ken sharpened his management skills as the managing attorney of three successful general law offices.


Barbara Schaefer Pedersen
Patent Agent

Barbara S. Pedersen is a registered patent agent, licensed before the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 1992. Barbara graduated with honors from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (1976) and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (1978).

Prior to joining Pedersen & Company, Barbara spent over a decade working as a chemical engineer with UOP, Inc. (now HONEYWELL UOP) of suburban Chicago, IL, which is a petroleum, catalyst, and petrochemical engineering and licensing company boasting a history extending back to 1914 with some of the earliest petroleum research and engineering. First as a UOP pilot plant and field start-up engineer, and later as a UOP engineering research and development specialist, Barbara learned many aspects of technology-based business, including research, development and design, marketing, construction and start-up, and trouble-shooting.

Barbara used her background in engineering and language to bring together professionals, from research, engineering design, and marketing departments, to work “on the same page” to enhance UOP’s refining and catalyst technology and market share. Barbara also traveled extensively for UOP, as a technical expert on various start-up, training, and marketing teams.

Barbara’s ability to integrate technical expertise and industrial experience with effective communication skills and acute attention to detail, make her an asset to Pedersen & Company’s patent writing and prosecution team. She develops a close working relationship with clients as she guides them in domestic and foreign patent matters. Her many years of experience and her understanding of the subtleties of written language help our clients maximize their patent portfolios, whether the “portfolio” consists of a single patent with well-written and layered claims, or multiple patents featuring alternative claim strategies.