Patent Gallery

We serve clients by patent searching and preparing and prosecuting chemical, mechanical, and light electrical patents applications. Our clients include universities, medium and small businesses, and independent inventors, with large and small portfolios in a wide variety of fields. By searching for issued patents with legal representation (LREP) by “Pedersen; Kenneth J.”, “Pedersen; Ken J.” or “Pedersen; Barbara S.”, one may see many examples of our patent preparation and prosecution.


For example, our technical fields include water filtration media and processes; electrical and mechanical connectors; analytical sensors; petrochemical and oil refining and catalysis; materials science including magnetoplastic materials; compositions of matter including alternative fuels; human enzyme inhibitors; chemical manufacturing and nuclear processes; food service equipment; home and office wares; firearms and accessories; and recreational and sporting goods. Also, our technical fields include the “traditionally western” fields of agriculture, including farm equipment; food processing, mining technology, wood and building products, and wilderness equipment. Examples of a few of our over 550 issued patents are shown below.